MOSKEY Touch keyboard and Mouse, USB

MOSKEY Touch keyboard and Mouse, USB

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A touch keyboard with integral mouse. No moving parts.

The MOSKEY (Patent applied for) is a combined keyboard and absolute mouse. It consists of a durable, easy to clean touch sensitive panel, has no mechanical moving parts and is resistant to a wide variety of substances, including most common liquids. This qualifies its use in environments otherwise alien to keyboards, mice and trackerballs.

The MOSKEY employs the touch panel, under which is a graphic keyboard layout, as a keyboard, or an absolute mouse that utilises the whole area of the panel. The MOSKEY is supplied with USB interfaces. No extra software is required.


  • Keyboard works like a touch screen using 5-wire resistive technology.
  • A touch button selects keyboard or mouse mode, LED's indicating the active mode. The MOSKEY can be toggled between the two modes, with an audible indication at changeover.
  • In keyboard mode the unit behaves as a standard keyboard except for the shift, caps lock and control functions. Touching the shift key will put the keyboard into shift mode for one character, an LED indicates this. The control and ALT keys function similarly. The Caps Lock key will put the keyboard into caps mode until cancelled by touching the caps lock key again ; this is also indicated by an LED. When any key is touched a click is emitted to give audible feedback. This gives a 'mechanical' feel to the keyboard.
  • When the MOSKEY is toggled to mouse mode the panel acts as an absolute mouse, i.e. the cursor is positioned on the monitor at a point corresponding to the initial touched position on the panel. It does not need to be dragged across the screen as a pad, mouse or trackball do. This allows faster selection of icons, menus etc. Selection is made by the use of two mouse touch buttons (corresponding to the left and right buttons of a conventional mouse).

Dimensions:- 416mm x 281mm x 12mm
Weight:- 1.1 kg

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