Mousetrapper Advance

 Mousetrapper Advance

Mousetrapper Advance

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£219.95 ex.vat
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Code: 94MTA

A programmable ergonomic mouse with a difference.

The Mousetrapper Advance is an ergonomic mouse "steering pad" that will provide users with relief from Repetitive Stress. It offers a range of useful, programmable shortcut buttons and will provide comfort and wrist support to users who work on a computer for several hours each day.

Manoeuvering the soft steering pad with your fingers helps you avoid painful "mouse arm" syndrome and also helps eliminate wrist twisting and other painful injuries associated with clicking a mouse and typing. Connect the Mousetrapper Advance to your PC through its USB port and begin experiencing ergonomic comfort instantly. The Mousetrapper can be used with either hand, alternating fingers and also be paired with a second mouse for variation - variation is key when trying to avoid the syndromes of "mouse arm" and other repetitive stress injury.

Touch scroll design

A modern thinly designed mousing device featuring an integrated steering pad for the most advanced ergonomic solution. A completely new design with 5 buttons and unique touch scroll

Soft wrist rest

The soft wrist support has a large relieving surface providing maximum comfort.

Programmable buttons

The functions of the buttons are all programmable and can be adapted to your own needs and requirements (not Mac OS X).

Free software is available on Standard functions include: left click, right click, auto scroll/ third mouse button, double click, clickable steering pad, touch scroll.


  • Compatibility: Windows & Mac.
  • USB plug and play connectivity.
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 23 x 470 x 110 mm.
  • Weight: 860gm (including packaging).
  • Two-year manufacturer's warranty.

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