Single Foot Switch, Progammable, USB

 Single Foot Switch, Progammable, USB

Single Foot Switch, Progammable, USB

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This USB foot pedal is designed to allow the user to control their computer by foot rather than clicking the mouse.

The 5mm key switch technology pedal is designed to assist where a keyboard or mouse alone are not practical, or you wish to take the strain away from your hand and fingers.

Available as a single pedal or a 3 pedal option, the pedals can be used by feet or limbs for efficiency. The switch or switches are fully customisable by using our software to define the foot press as a specific key, key combination or mouse action - no other software is required. The programming is stored within the unit via a re-writable EEPROM - if required. Typically the switch can be set to simulate any of the mouse buttons, the Special keys (Alt, Ctrl, Shift etc.), the multimedia controls, gaming controls or even a particular text string. Multiple foot pedals can be connected to a single computer.

The Accuratus X1P and the X3P foot / switch pedals provide ease of use for anyone requiring speed and accuracy whilst maintaining accessibility.


  • USB Plug and Play connection (enclosed software is included to change the programming)
  • Black plastic durable housing with grooves to aid with grip when controlling with your feet
  • Rubber feet to ensure non slip on any surface
  • Programmable, you can pre-program with key strokes, key combinations, key strings, mouse clicks, Multimedia functions and Game operations
  • Once the pedal is programmed the programming is stored in the device, which means you can plug it into another computer without the need to reprogram it.
  • More than one pedal can be connected to a computer at a time.
  • Ideal for many purposes including helping those with disabilities or RSI, or for factory testing, controlling instruments,streamlining office work, excel functions and formulas, playing games and so on.
  • Optical sensor, when the pedal is in use there is very low noise
  • Low stroke operation, you can operate the pedal with very little force.

  • Physical Specifications

    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 99 x 60 x 39mm
    • Weight: 107gm
    • Cable Length: 1.9m

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