Airobic Mouse - Left Handed, White (prev Quill Mouse), USB

Airobic Mouse - Left Handed, White (prev Quill Mouse), USB

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An ergonomically designed vertical mouse with a built-in wrist rest designed specifically for relieving the problems associated with RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury).

The AirOBic Grip-Less Computer Mouse.

The AirOBic patented Grip-Less computer mouse and integrated Wrist Guide (patent integrated) maintains the hand, wrist and arm in the most optimal position providing for lowest biomechanical load.

A stand-alone and grip-less vertical computer mouse that removes the constant muscular tension required to grip a computer mouse and untwists the wrist. It removes Static Posture, a working position that keeps muscles tensed, which is now associated with the development of hand injuries in computer users. It is the only mouse that allows you to work in what ergonomists call a Functional Neutral Position.


  • For left handed use.
  • Colour: white.
  • USB for Plug & Play Windows or Mac OS X operation.
  • Bionic-Track Optical Tracking System for low maintenance high accuracy mousing.
  • 3 Mouse Button User Assignable Design
  • Scroll Wheel for ease of Internet operation
  • Lightweight high impact body moulding
  • Detailed Manual with Posture Recommendations

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