BigKeys LX Glove

BigKeys LX Glove

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A big buttons and picture keyboard designed for children.

Big Button Pictorial Keyboard

A BigKeys LX keyboard with interchangeable picture gloves to assist with letter recognition and typing - from nursery or Keystage 1 & 2 to Special Needs. BELS offers everything needed to start learning letter recognition and allows considerable flexibility in a classroom of differing skill levels using the same keyboard.


  • BigKeys LX keyboard with upper case QWERTY layout on white keys.
  • Extra upper and lower case letters sticker set.
  • QWERTY layout glove also with pictures and upper and lower case characters.

No need to unplug the keyboard to switch between the gloves; turn the keyboard over and flip the layout switch on the underside.


  • Colourful images on each key aid recognition.
  • Upper and lower case letters presented with the image.
  • Your choice of ABC or QWERTY layout - instantly.
  • Extra sticker set without pictures.
  • Easy clean gloves protect your BigKeys.

Also available in ABC format. Contact office on 020 8736 0542 for details.

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