Contour RollerMouse Free 3, Black USB

Contour RollerMouse Free 3, Black USB

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Suffer from shoulder problems? - If so, this central pointing device is an ideal alternative mouse.

A central pointing device mouse alternative.

RollerMouse Free lets you work with your hands and arms in the optimal zone in front of the keyboard. The risk of discomfort and RSI is minimised.


  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 90.0 mm x 445.0 mm x 19.0 mm.
  • Number of buttons: 8.

Centralised pointing and clicking creates a varied work mode allowing use of both hands, reducing tension and stress while using your computer. There is no device to grip. You can use a flat, extended hand to navigate, allowing you to reduce the stress through your Carpal Tunnel.

Comes with smart default key settings and can be adapted to your individual needs. The mousing action is done easily with just two or three fingers on therollerbar, with light, small movements.

It lies completely still, which allows you to relax your shoulders and arms and only use your hands and fingers when using the mouse and the keyboard.

To feel the difference, try it for yourself - let your shoulders and arms relax more and more as you realize you still havefull control of your work with less reaching and effort

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