DigiMemo A402 + MyScript Handwriting Recognition Software (full license)

DigiMemo A402 + MyScript Handwriting Recognition Software (full license)

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Save time and effort with this handwriting recognition device.

Handwriting Recognition comes of age!

The DigiMemo A402 is a stand-alone hand writing storage and recognition device well suited to users with wrist problems. With built-in storage capability that digitally captures and stores everything you write or draw with ink on ordinary A4 sized paper. The device is then linked to your PC and documents that have been digitally captured by DigiMemo can then be downloaded on to a computer; where they can be viewed; edited; organised and either stored as e-Books; image files, PDF files or converted into text in MS Word via the MyScript Notes handwriting recognition software.


1) Compact ball point pen, which transmits it location and pen strokes to the DigiMemo pad, thus enabling the device to capture and store handwriting and drawings independently from a computer.
2) Can be used with any ordinary paper placed on the DigiMemo's A4 sized writing area, and can also be used connected to a PC to capture and update notes on the fly.
3) The internal memory can hold up to 50 pages of A4 writing/drawing (expandable via Secure Digital memory cards).
4) Download captured documents to a computer via USB, where they can be viewed, edited and shared via the supplied DigiMemo Manager software (also freely available as a download for others to use).
5) Accurately convert handwriting to text via the MyScript Notes handwriting Recognition software (please note that other versions of MyScript Notes cannot be used with DigiMemo).
6) Supplied complete with A4 paper pad, three spare ink refills, USB cable, 4 x AAA batteries and software CDs containing a full version of DigiMemo Manager and a FULLY LICENSED version of MyScript Notes for DigiMemo.


1) Very easy to use, as it is exactly the same as using ordinary pen and paper to capture notes and drawings.
2) DigiMemo's 'wow' effect can be used to encourage reluctant writers and is thus perfect as a 'literacy hour' resource.
3) Ideal for creating e-Books, which can include pages from a different pupils, which can assembled and shared via the supplied software.
4) Perfect for capturing notes and drawings on field trips, school outings and in classrooms with no easy access to computers.
5) Lower on-going costs as there is no need for special 'digital' paper.

System requirements:

Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7

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