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 Fujitsu Ergonomic Split Keyboard (KBPC E), USB

Fujitsu Ergonomic Split Keyboard (KBPC E), USB

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£55.00 ex.vat
£66.00 inc.vat
Code: 6226381-K261-L765

The KBPC E promotes the natural positioning of the user's arms and hands, for fatigue-free use.

The alphanumeric keypad splits into two halves, angled at up to 30 to each other, plus the lateral pitch of up to 16. The keyboard allows a front-to-back inclination of either 6 or 12 degrees. This allows the hands to fall into a natural posture, reducing strain on the hand-arm-shoulder system. The matching wrist pad provides optimum support; even where the lateral angle employed is great.

Upgrading from standard keyboards to the KBPC E is simplicity itself. For one thing the MF-compatible key layout has been retained, whilst the angle adjustment features three levels. A compact keyboard can thus be turned, step-by step, into a keyboard ergonomically optimised to suit individual requirements.


    UK layout
  • Environmentally friendly development: Recycling friendly by easy separation into recyclable components
  • Ergonomics: Adjustable step by step in different ways for optimised position of arms and hands
  • Full N-Key rollover never forgets a key; a must have for fast writers
  • Fully automated production line
  • Highest quality coupled with the best price/performance ratio guaranteed
  • Minimised size and weight in combination with minimised use of raw materials
  • Modern production technology: Abrasion-proof keys by using laser printing technology for the keycaps
  • Reduces risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Reliability: High quality and function stability made in Germany through own development and manufacturing
  • Stress free and effective use through high contrast keys, ergonomic key design and a soft pressure point
  • Usability: Connects to every PC with standard USB interface
  • Warranty, service and spare part supply according to your needs

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